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 Legends of War Clan Rules.

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PostSubject: Legends of War Clan Rules.    Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:37 pm

To play with us or to join us you need to meet the following requirements.

1. Be active enough to play with us.
2. Own a mic so we can communicate with you.
3. Do not join our clan just to snipe, camp or pad stat your kdr.
4. Join our party chat, don't be afriad to join.
5. Play to win and play to have fun. Whats the point of being in a clan if you don't go for objectives.
6. You must be able to kit swap.
7. You must not be too concerned about your stats as Battlefield 3 is more about teamwork and objectives.
8. Let me say it again, its about going for objectives.

Feel free to add any input.

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Legends of War Clan Rules.
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